Cosmic Pirates

Cosmic Pirates 1.0

Enter to a great adventure and ship fight in space
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Cosmic Pirates is a great fun and adventure game where you must fight and destroy different enemies in space. You will enter a Pirate adventure in space and you must move your ship to destroy enemies and collect treasures. Once you destroy some enemies, their treasures will spread out to space, where you must collect them. The main objective of this game is to destroy all enemies and asteroids in the cosmos and collect as many treasures as you can. This game has different levels and challenges. Each level will increase the number of enemies and their speed, there are different kinds of ships in space, some can shoot you and some will try to crash you. You will have 5 lives and you must take care of your ship and avoid having it destroyed. Playing this game is very simple, all you need to use is your mouse, move your mouse in order to move your ship the way you want: right, left, up and down. Use the left mouse button to shoot your guns and use the right mouse button to turn your ship in another direction.

Birgilio Rivera
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  • Great Fun


  • Action is a little slow
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